What we've done

Below are some examples of what we have done recently to assist our clients

Contract negotiation and drafting

We acted for an oil refining company negotiating an important supply agreement that included some complex retention of title and security terms. We were able to negotiate a favourable outcome for our client. The supplied party subsequently went into receivership and we forced the receiver to return all the oil, the subject of the retention of title clause. The oil was worth $230,000.

Workplace injury

We acted for a client who was badly injured in a workplace where the insurer was denying liability. We made an application the Workplace Directorate and the insurer was forced to pay back pay to our client. The claim was eventually settled in favour of our client who then used the money to purchase a business. We acted in the purchase as well and have since provided our client with contract and employment advice.

Debt collection

We acted for a large corporation that had over $600,000 in debtors. It had been attempting, without success, to use debt collection agencies to recover the debts for over a year. Within 3 months we were able to collect $420,000 of the amount outstanding. We also taught our client’s debtors clerk how to take out claims in the Magistrates Court herself which has resulted in greatly reduced overall debtors for our client.

Unfair dismissal

We acted for a client who had been unfairly dismissed. We were able to negotiate payment of 16 week’s salary for our client who then obtained another job in the weeks after.

Deceased estate administration

We were appointed as executors of a large estate that required us to invest the money for a time before it was distributed. During that time, we were able to invest the funds such that they increased in value during a period where most investments were deceasing in value. The funds were eventually distributed to the beneficiaries who were very pleased with our decisions regarding investment of the funds.

Partnership Dispute

We acted for one of the partners where the other partner had been acting contrary to the partnership agreement and misappropriating funds. We were able to assist our client before the matter went to Court to obtain all the funds back and a purchase of the other partner’s interest for a discounted price.


We hold over 10,000 wills in our strong room. They range from simple “mum and dad and kids” wills to wills incorporating complex testamentary and protective trusts. We pride ourselves on providing our wills for a fixed fee that is affordable for all our clients.

Inheritance dispute

In an application in the Supreme Court brought by a son against the estate of his father, in circumstances where the son had been left out of his father’s will, we were able to negotiate a fair resolution that both the son and his siblings were happy with

Farm succession to the next generation

Where a family farming operation was structured using a complex set of trusts and companies we were able to unravel the structure and transfer it to the next generation, attracting the family farm exemption so that no duty was payable.

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